I am happy to offer an IT maintenance contract. As a maintenance contract customer, you can call us free of charge if you get stuck (immediate telephone help is usually possible).

You can also clarify minor things without additional costs. This will make you more efficient in using the IT systems. If telephone help is not possible, timely remote desktop help (e.g. with Teamviewer) is a good idea. It is worth updating and checking your IT systems every 3 to 4 weeks so that there are no compatibility problems with other system components (e.g. printers).

If you work with current versions, you can use the new possibilities more efficiently and we can offer you an optimal individual service. Due to the rapid development of the software, there is a large number of programs that need to be kept up to date, such as Java, Flash Player, Acrobat Reader and many more.

The security problem of EDP systems is becoming more and more important. A large number of viruses, malware, root kids, Trojans, keyloggers and much more, such as toolbars and unwanted search engines, impede and slow down the use of IT systems.

Here we take preventive action through regular checks and the installation and operation of the correct protection software. Regular cleaning of the IT systems, cookies, temp files and programs is essential if you want to counteract the creeping slowdown.

With the maintenance contract, the maintenance costs can be calculated to a large extent. Thanks to flat-rate rates for the hotline and software updates, you can avoid investment peaks and still be up to date.

Thanks for your interest Lars Mompour PcNet